Temple Pausania Temple Pausania

From May 11 to June 26, Organica, the Museum of Environmental Art, opens its 2024 season on May 26 in the evocative Curadureddu Woods within Limbara Park. Until December, the museum will offer a rich calendar of exhibitions, ... Read More

Manos de Fainas pro s'affidu

Ittiri Ittiri

On Saturday, May 18, Manos de Fainas pro s'affidu, that is, hands working for marriage, is the event on Ittirese wedding rites in the 1950s that will take place in the historic center of Ittiri, retracing in stages, the rites that characterized ... Read More

Our Lady De S'Ena Frisca

Putifigari Sassari

The Patronal Festival "Nostra Signora De S'Ena Frisca" is an exceptionally important event for the town of Putifigari, rooted in the tradition and spirituality that characterize the area. With its combination of religious devotion, centuries-old traditions and ... Read More

Festival An Island on the Net

Alghero Alghero

The Festival Un'Isola In Rete is a literary festival. Events take place in Northern Sardinia, particularly in Castelsardo, Sassari, Sennori, Alghero and Tempio. The main protagonists are books, both paper and digital, for different ages and ... Read More