municipality of ittiri

The traditional costume of Ittiri: jewel of northern Sardinia

"The beautiful Hittites wear a skirt of scarlet cloth with minute pleats and two gold chevrons at the end... It leaves a grateful impression on you the continuous and sonorous jingle of twenty-two silver buttons adorning their sleeves. "Enrico Costa 1876 Even the ... Read More

Abbey of Our Lady of Paulis: jewel of Ittiri

North Sardinia is teeming with splendid churches, basilicas and abbeys. In the municipality of Ittiri we find one of the most striking: the Abbey of Nostra Signora di Paulis, dating back to the Middle Ages and inhabited, at the time, by Cistercian monks. Its ancient vestiges are set ... Read More


Ittiri: the Municipality of Northern Sardinia Home of Folk

Ittiri is part of the Grazia Deledda Park, which brings together all the municipalities featured in the novels of the Sardinian writer, Nobel Prize winner for literature ... Read More