The Garibaldi Museum in Caprera: glimpses of Italian history and culture

garibaldine compendium caprera

The Garibaldi Museum in Caprera is the first museum, in Italy, to be dedicated to a historical figure.

Giuseppe Garibaldi, known as theHero of Two Worlds, is known worldwide for his heroic deeds: he was a patriot, a fighter and a great politician.

The Hero of Two Worlds, so called because he fought in both Europe and South America, was at the head of the celebrated Enterprise of the Thousand, thanks to which the unification of Italy was achieved.

He died in Caprera in 1882, and it is here, on the island of North Sardinia, where his descendants also live, that people continue to remember the hero and pass on his values and deeds to anyone lucky enough to visit the Garibaldi Museums.

In the Garibaldi Museum in Caprera you can visit:

  • The White House, which was the hero's home from 1856 to 1882, where the visitor is totally immersed in the intimate life of this fascinating 19th century figure.
  • The Memorial, an important itinerary consisting of works and documents tracing Garibaldi's exploits around the world. From Fort Arbucci, home of the Memorial, there is a splendid view of theLa Maddalena archipelago

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Photo by Richard_of_England on Visual hunt / CC BY