Sardinia has a millenary tradition when it comes to wine, the first traces of wine-making activity date back
as far back as 1400 BC.
Vermentino is a much more recent grape variety, probably imported by the Spanish around 1700, but
found in Gallura a fertile and perfect soil for obtaining the best quality: on the coast, Gallura
is a land rich in granite rocks polished by the sea and the wind and surrounded by Mediterranean scrub;
Inland, on the other hand, we find dense forests of oak, cork and wild olive trees, which protect this beautiful and fragrant land.
and fragrant. Such a rich soil has managed to infuse its magic into the Vermentino wine that we
we advise you to taste, in front of the beauty of the Gallura landscape. You will be permeated by the spirit of
North Sardinia in an unrepeatable atmosphere.
If you are in Sardinia in October, do not miss Benvenuto Vermentino, the event that promotes the
vermentinos of Sardinia, Italy and the world!