Caves of San Michele in Ozieri, cradle of Sardinian civilization

The Caves of San Michele in Ozieri are an important archaeological record of the Sardinian Final Neolithic (3,200 to 2,800 B.C.). The people of the time used them as a dwelling, place of worship and necropolis.

Scholars consider them to be the cradle of Sardinian civilization, since the people who lived there were the first to spread over theentire surface of Sardinia . And it is from the name of the Caves that the designation " San Michele Civilization" or "Ozieri Culture" comes from.

They are located under the present town of Ozieri and take their name from a church dedicated to the archangel Michael, which stood nearby and has now disappeared.

The Caves were formed by the constant action of water erosion, which over the centuries has excavated the limestone rock to a depth of about 80 meters.

They are divided into halls and tunnels taped with stalactites and extend a total of about 160 meters, 56 of which can be visited. Numerous archaeological artifacts of great interest were found inside them, preserved at the G.A. National Museum. Sanna of Sassari.

Visiting the archaeological site and Ozieri will allow you to get to know a very fascinating part of North Sardinia, rich in ancient and recent history.


Photo by puntoMarta on / CC BY-NC