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August 25, 2022 @ 21:30 - August 28, 2022 @ 23:59

Cinemartist is more than a festival! It is a festival, a review, a contest, it is meetings, visual arts and above all, film education in Sardinia. The fifth edition of the event will take place in the town of Martis, in the province of Sassari, from August 25 to 28, 2022.

The project, carried out by the Municipality of Martis in collaboration with local associations, involves as always the main film training institutions present in Sardinia, in particular the Academy of Fine Arts of Sassari and the University of Cagliari, with an artistic residency featuring young authors who make short films in the Anglona area during the event.

Alongside this educational-productive discourse, CineMartist is also developed as a review that offers the public films from the last film season presented by directors and actors, with a focus on the best productions from the island or that have chosen Sardinia as a location for filming. There will also be space, as usual, for other artistic expressions: from sculpture, to painting with the creation of some murals in the village.

The Municipality of Martis has long since identified cinema, and even more so film education, as a topic of interest to the area: both as a driver of development and as a tool for raising awareness of issues affecting community life.

Cinema is not only a creative industry, it is also an exercise in memory and testimony: the critical gaze of one who questions his present and future, and his way of relating to the world.

Restoring cultural vitality to the local community, enlivening it with an event aimed at education, endowed with artistic quality and visibility, creating and attracting professionalism to the area, these are some of the goals of the "CineMartist" project, much more than a festival.

The calendar of appointments


9:30 p.m., Regina Elena Square

Director Antonello Grimaldi will meet the audience to recount his artistic journey that began with his attendance at the Gaumonta Roma School in the early 1980s. For the occasion he has been chosen to screen one of his feature films from 1999 that deserves to be rediscovered, the comedy "Asini" starring Claudio Bia joined by Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Fabio De Luigi, Libero De Rienzo, Maria Amelia Monti, Arnoldo Foà, Ivano Marescotti, Isa Barsizza,Renato Carpentieri.


9:30 p.m., Regina Elena Square

Screening of the film "il Muto di Gallura," a debut feature by Matteo Fresi, a guest in Martis accompanied by co-star Marco Bullitta to whom he cast the role of Pietro Vasa, head of one of the two families at the center of the feud that bloodied Aggius in the late 1800s.


10:30 a.m., Regina Elena Square

Directing masterclass with Matteo Fresi and Antonello Grimaldi, for students and all film enthusiasts and curious people.

to follow at 9:30 p.m.

Screening of the Documentary "Transamanze" presented by director Andrea Mura and director of photography Chiara Andrich. A choral tale that is a discovery of the countryside, the landscape and an activity that is still deeply rooted in the practices of pastoralism handed down from generation to generation.

to follow,

Screening of the science fiction short film "Vanessa" by Gianpaolo Stangoni and the sex education short story "Margherita," by Alice Murgia.



The final evening will be dedicated to film education and the relationship with the territory, seen as inspiration and set for the works of new generations of filmmakers. Short films will be premiered, the result of the work of students from the Sassari Academy of Fine Arts; the University of Cagliari; and Rome University Fine Arts, thanks also to the fundamental support of the Cinemartist project of the Sardegna Film Commission.

Before the screening cit will be space for a short film that is the result of a workshop with local schools, carried out as part of the School Project 2021 of the Foundation of Sardinia, led by director Gianni Cesaraccio. Alongside the short film there will be a screening of a documentary by videomaker Irio Pusceddu, entitled "In Martis."

Cinemartist's side activities

Among the novelties of the 2022 edition of the Festival is a Serigraphy Workshop curated by 3 students of the School of Painting of the Academy of Fine Arts "Mario Sironi" of Sassari: Gabriele Orotelli; Erika Pala and Valentina De Giorgi, under the coordination of teacher Gianni Sanna.

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