Immaculate Conception of Ozieri: the majestic cathedral of northern Sardinia

The beautiful Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception is located in Piazza Duomo, in the center of Ozieri, and is the most important church in the city.

Built between the 14th and 15th centuries, its present neoclassical form is due to the various extensions and restorations, carried out on the building over the years.

In 1803, when it became the seat of the diocese of Bisarcio, architect Gaetano Cima directed renovations, giving it its present appearance as a neoclassical church.

The neo-Renaissance facade has stucco decorations, which are rare to see in Sardinia.

This is preceded by a scenic flight of steps, and the church is flanked by the bell tower, built in 1852.

The layout of the cathedral is Latin cross with three naves, transept and circular apse.

Visiting its interiors you can admire the majestic organ, monumental in size, the whitemarble altar, inlaid with polychrome marbles, as well as beautiful frescoes, among which is the Polyptych of Our Lady of Loreto, the work of the Master of Ozieri.

Ozieri is a city rich in monuments and history that tells us the vicissitudes of this area of northern Sardinia, from the Neolithic to modern times.

We recommend visiting, in addition to the Cathedral, the center and the whole surrounding area: from the flourishing countryside to the nearby archaeological and historical sites.