The Cathedral of St Nicholas, a Baroque pearl

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The Cathedral of St. Nicholas in Sassari is a Baroque architectural gem.

In Sassari Cathedral, another name by which it is known, you can admire a succession of styles that gives the church a rich and fascinating appearance.

Lhe origins of the church are early Christian, but we can observe the Gothic vaults, the opulent Baroque facade, the beautiful classical decorations, and the stunning Renaissance-style dome.

The cathedral is a true treasure chest of artistic treasures, both pictorial and sculptural. You will be enraptured by the aesthetic details and decorations.

A visit to Sassari and its wonders

Continue your day by devoting yourself to discovering Sassari, one of Sardinia's most important cities.

You will find elegant palaces, interesting museums that encapsulate the very ancient history of North Sardinia, beautiful architectural gems and monuments to admire.

It is an elegant city that also knows how to offer many high-level cultural diversions-from music to theater.

Let us also not forget the importance of its culinary traditions: try Sassarese cuisine and you will be delighted by the varied food and wine offerings that restaurants and trattorias in the area will be able to provide.

One of the best-known events held in Sassari is the Descent of the Candlesticks, a highly participatory and spetatcular moment.

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Photo by Dr Korom on VisualHunt