Food and wine

Su Trinta and Sant'Andrìa

L’evento che si svolge a Ozieri dedicato al vino nuovo. Un’occasione imperdibile per conoscere le affascinanti tradizioni enogastronomiche del Nord Sardegna. Le attività all’interno della manifestazione: L’evento richiama almeno 20 mila visitatori provenienti da tutta la Sardegna, ma anche da … Read More

Chenamos in carrela

CHENAMOS IN CARRELA is a festival of Sardinian traditions and celebrates the ancient custom of good neighborliness. It will be an opportunity to taste the best dishes of the typical cuisine of Northern Sardinia during the big dinner in the square and discover an unexplored part ... Read More


Here's an itinerary for your summer in Sardinia in the wake of Salude & Trigu's July events.
You can choose to do all the stops or pick just a few of these beautiful towns in Northern Sardinia. ... Read More


We take you on a discovery of some of Sardinia's most characteristic places, some little known. You will discover traditions, typical food and wine, music and culture through the small and big events of Salude & Trigu If you are in July in the North ... Read More

Onion Festival

The Onion Festival is a food and wine event in Northern Sardinia that celebrates the very tasty golden onion of Banari.A day of tasting where you can attend showcooking, taste the delicious dishes of typical Sardinian cuisine enriched by the onion of Banari ... Read More

Welcome Vermentino

Benvenuto Vermentino is the event that promotes Vermentino di Gallura. The event combines art, culture, music and food and wine.
During the week of Benvenuto Vermentino you can taste the Gallura wine through technical tastings, played by AIS sommeliers, or during public tastings, in the streets of downtown Olbia. ... Read More

Wine and Life

Wine and Life is an event to promote wine in Sardinia. You can taste the best Sardinian wines thanks to themed aperitifs, food and wine events, fairs and conferences ... Read More

Ajò a Ippuntare

Ajò a Ippuntare enhances local wine, particularly Cagnulari, a symbol of the Usini area.
You can taste typical wines and excellent products of the territory in the cellars and streets of the center of Usini. ... Read More

Weekend of Tastes, Arts and Crafts.

Weekend of Tastes, Arts and Crafts is an event that promotes the food and wine excellence of Sardinia during several autumn weekends. ... Read More

10 Food and wine excellence of northern Sardinia

Journey through the food and wine excellences of Northern Sardinia Northern Sardinia is teeming with food and wine excellences, culinary goodness and typical DOC and DOP products. How many of them do you know? In this article, Salude&Trigu reveals to you 10 food and wine excellences of Northern Sardinia to try ... Read More