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December 2022 events in North Sardinia before Christmas

December 2022 is a month full of events in Northern Sardinia, of appointments that anticipate Christmas with a roundup of concerts, festivals and appointments with taste. Santa Teresa di Gallura will be the location of a prestigious Prize; Usini ... Read More

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November 2022 events in North Sardinia: the best stops

After a summer of great events, the events in Northern Sardinia continue. From Sassarese to Gallura, passing through Logudoro, kermesses dedicated to the world of wine, concerts and events related to the universe of Sardinian traditions await us in November. The dates are ... Read More

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September 2022 events in northern Sardinia and Gallura: the stages

Have you chosen Sardinia in September for your vacation? You will experience the most beautiful time of the year to go to the beach and visit the beauty of the hinterland, with the opportunity to participate in many events! Northern Sardinia and Gallura have a ... Read More

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September 2022 events in Northwest Sardinia: recommended stops

Summer does not end on August 31! Are you vacationing in Sardinia in September? Then don't miss the best events of Summer 2022! With Salude&Trigu, the entertainment continues with great concerts, festivals and festivals dedicated to music, culture and traditions ... Read More

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What to see in and around Alghero: Itinerary in 6 stages

Are you about to embark on a trip to Alghero? Alghero's surroundings teem with ancient villages, archaeological sites and nature trails. To make sure you don't miss the best, you can follow the itinerary recommended by Salude & Trigu in this article. Here's what to see in ... Read More

Three cities in northern Sardinia: Olbia, Alghero and Sassari

The villages of northern Sardinia represent one of the greatest treasures that the territory gives us. We tell you about 4 villages in the interior: our heart villages today are Sennori, Banari, Martis and Siligo. ... Read More


Ittiri: the Municipality of Northern Sardinia Home of Folk

Ittiri is part of the Grazia Deledda Park, which brings together all the municipalities featured in the novels of the Sardinian writer, Nobel Prize winner for literature ... Read More

Villages to discover in northern Sardinia: Sedini, Ittiri and Bono

Northern Sardinia is dotted with authentic villages, some are far from the usual tourist routes. ... Read More


The wonders of Sedini: domus de janas and legendary fairies

The ancient village of Sedini is nestled among the beautiful hills of the Angola region, about 10 km from the sea. ... Read More



The town in northern Sardinia is rich in history and tradition and surrounded by picturesque landscapes. ... Read More