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August 2022 events in northern Sardinia and Gallura: all the stages

Want to attend the best August 2022 events in North Sardinia and Gallura? Follow Salude&Trigu's itinerary! In this article we take you to discover the most anticipated events of Summer 2022! Don't miss a single stop: here is the itinerary to have fun, experience ... Read More

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August 2022 events in Northwest Sardinia: the best stops

Sardinia is not just a paradise in which to spend the vacations. August 2022 events in Northwest Sardinia enrich the summer with appointments with music, traditions and the best of food and wine. How to miss them? In this article, Salude&Trigu ... Read More

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Events in Sardinia from 16 to 31 July 2022: Itinerary in 11 Stages

The heart of summer beats to the rhythm of big events in Sardinia. Salude&Trigu offers you the overview of the must-see events from July 16 to 31, which will take place in magical locations between the coast and the hinterland, from the Nurra to the ... Read More


Events in Sardinia from 1 to 15 July 2022: Where to go and Why

Are you ready to experience a beautiful summer? Take part in the great events of July 2022 in Sardinia. Salude&Trigu provides you with an overview of the best events in Northern Sardinia, which will take place from July 1 to 15 in the cities and towns most ... Read More

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The best events of June 2022: complete itinerary

Summer is just around the corner, and the best June 2022 events in Northern Sardinia are not long in coming. The most beautiful towns on the coast and inland are preparing to host events dedicated to Sardinian music, culture and traditions ... Read More

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What to see in and around Alghero: Itinerary in 6 stages

Are you about to embark on a trip to Alghero? Alghero's surroundings teem with ancient villages, archaeological sites and nature trails. To make sure you don't miss the best, you can follow the itinerary recommended by Salude & Trigu in this article. Here's what to see in ... Read More

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Sardinian carpets of Aggius: the treasures of textile art

Textile art in Aggius: Sardinian carpets ]Are you familiar with Sardinian carpets from Aggius? The textile art of Gallura, and more generally of Sardinia, has very ancient roots. The origins of this tradition seem to go back to the Roman and Byzantine world, when textile activity ... Read More

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The Salude e Trigu Events of April and May 2022

Want to attend the best April and May events in North Sardinia? Discover the dates of Salude & Trigu. Let's inaugurate Spring 2022 with an exciting journey among the island's most beautiful locations, under the banner of unmissable dates dedicated to music, ... Read More

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The ancient Palazzo di Baldu in Luogosanto, between history and nature

The Palace of Baldu is located in Luogosanto, Gallura, nestled in a large ilex grove. A jewel of medieval history and archaeology, it dates back to the period of Giudicale Sardinia. ... Read More

Three cities in northern Sardinia: Olbia, Alghero and Sassari

The villages of northern Sardinia represent one of the greatest treasures that the territory gives us. We tell you about 4 villages in the interior: our heart villages today are Sennori, Banari, Martis and Siligo. ... Read More