The castle of Burgos, nestled in an enchanted forest

Burgos Castle (or Goceano Castle) is nestled in the green of an enchanting forest, stands on a granite cliff and is the monument-symbol of the town of Burgos.

In fact, the town developed at the foot of this fortress in the center of the Goceano territory.

The castle was built in 1134 by Judge Gonario I de Lacon-Gunale to guard the borders of the Giudicato of Torres.

For this reason, an isolated location was chosen, inaccessible from the north and east and difficult to access from other parts.

Burgos rises steeply on the rocky slopes of the castle and is divided into two parts: a recent one and a typically medieval one, with narrow streets and houses with double-pitched roofs.

Around the village the landscape is enchanting: you can visit the Badde Salighes forest and the Burgos forest, inhabited by Sardinian donkeys and white Asinara donkeys, and Anglo-Arab-Sardinian horses and the Sardinian pony.

In Burgos we point out many events that feature the most evocative places such as the castle or the forest. One among all is Prendas de Adelasia, a fascinating event with re-enactment of medieval times.

Photo by candido33 on Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-SA