Travel tips with Salude & Trigu: 9 things to eat in Sardinia

"Tell me how you eat and I'll tell you who you are?"
The saying is as true as ever in Sardinia, where the tradition of eating and drinking is well established.
Typical Sardinian products are renowned and characterize all the towns in Sardinia.

9 things to eat in Sardinia

1) Ciogghitta

Le lumachine sono uno dei piatti più tradizionali della città di Sassari, tanto che la Cioghitta (o Ciogga Minudda) è la protagonista di un’evento curiosissimo nominato “La Ciogghitta d’oro”.
Passeggiando per le vie di Sassari avrete l’imbarazzo della scelta per i ristoranti che offrono questa prelibatezza. E potere dire di aver mangiato un vero piatto da local!

2) Peretta

Sardinian peretta is a stretched-curd cow's milk cheese. It has a delicate flavor and is excellent as an appetizer or at the end of a meal, and is truly irresistible when warmed over the fireplace and laid on Carasau bread.
You can find it in the best dairies throughout Sardinia if you want to take it home, or you can taste it during aperitifs or dinners at farmhouses. And of course during the Salude & Trigu events.

3) Vermentino di Gallura DOCG

Vermentino is also called gold of Gallura, so precious is this wine considered by its inhabitants...and not only: Vermentino di Gallura is now internationally famous and there are many requests to taste this Sardinian excellence, which tastes of the Mediterranean, sun, wind and granite.

Tip: Taste it fresh with a dish of pasta with Olbia mussels, another typical product of the area. You will be able to capture all the scents and flavors of an extraordinary territory like Gallura.

Vi segnaliamo l’evento di Salude & Trigu dedicato al Vermentino di Gallura DOCG: Benvenuto Vermentino che si tiene a Olbia, la prima settimana di ottobre.

4) Sardinian pecorino cheese, sausage and Carasau bread.

The quintessential Sardinian aperitif is just that:
Sardinian pecorino cheese, very mature if you like a spicy flavor or fresh if you prefer a milder taste;
a few slices of pork sausage, with its unmistakable aroma;
Carasau bread, the one you can't stop eating, especially when they prepare it Guttiau (cooked with oil and salt).
Accompany these Sardinian delicacies with a great glass of wine and enjoy your stay in Sardinia during the Salude & Trigu events.

5) Thorny artichoke of Sardinia PDO

The Sardinian Artichoke is known for its unique and special flavor.
It is a great ingredient for so many typical Sardinian dishes: you can find it paired with lamb, with bottarga, with fregola and with many other delicacies of the island.

L’evento di Salude & Trigu dedicato al carciofo è la Sagra del Carciofo estiva, che si tiene a Uri nel mese di agosto.
Uri è un paese in provincia di Sassari, famoso per la coltivazione del carciofo e non solo.
Vi consigliamo di visitarlo in ogni periodo dell’anno per degustare i tanti prodotti tipici della zona.

6) Cannonau di Sardegna DOC

Cannonau wine is the most widespread black grape variety in Sardinia and the quintessential indigenous Sardinian grape variety.
Did you know that Cannonau has very ancient origins?
Previously it was thought to have Spanish origins, but as a result of excavations at the Duos Nuraghes archaeological site in Borore, very old grape seeds were found dating back some 3,200 years, which would prove that Nuragic peoples also cultivated vines and made wine.

Cannonau wine is found throughout Sardinia, but is most common in the province of Nuoro and Ogliastra.

Tip: You cannot leave Sardinia without having a good glass of Cannonau, even better when paired with Sardinian porcello.

7) Extra virgin olive oil

Sardinian extra virgin olive oil is a high quality oil with an intense color and strong taste. It is found in many typical dishes of the island and is also exported abroad.

Sardinian olives are very tasty and rich in organoleptic properties, recognized even by the Nuragics and probably even in pre-Nuragic times.

Tip: Drizzle the Carasu bread with a good Sardinian extra virgin olive oil, add a little salt and put it in the oven. You will get a mouthwatering Guttiau, perfect for your aperitifs in Sardinia.

8) Fatdos

Typical Sardinian pasta is widespread and delicious, but perhaps Sardinian gnocchetti represent the most famous variety.
The shape is small and rounded and they come from the north of the island. They are different from Malloreddus, which have a more elongated shape and are more common in the southern part of the island.
Tip: Try them plain, dressed with tomato or meat sauce. A true 100% Sardinian comfort food!

9) Roast sausage

Roast sausage is a dish you will find at any typical Sardinian festival or even at the many Sardinian family barbecues. Seeing these rolls of meat cooking over the fireplace, or in summer in bonfires, already makes your mouth water.
A truly tasty dish that is part of the best tradition.

Tip: Try the sausage and onion sandwich, a must at many village festivals

There are many events in Salude & Trigu that will give you opportunities to taste typical Sardinian dishes.

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