Sardinia travel tips with Salude & Trigu

How many ways do you know of to fully discover a new country?
To help you get to know North Sardinia at its best, we have compiled for you a list of no less than 9 activities that you absolutely cannot miss if you want to fully experience this wonderful island.

9 things to do in Sardinia

1) Cooking lesson

Cooking classes and workshops in desserts and artisanal pasta, taught directly by local chefs and cooks. You will learn the secrets of good Sardinian cooking and taste the best traditional dishes.

2) See a concert at dawn

You will experience the great thrill of listening to the best international music while watching the sun rise in front of the extraordinary Sardinian scenery.

Discover sunrise concerts in North Sardinia

Musica sulle Bocche
Concerto all’alba a Castelsardo con il coro di Cuglieri – 19 agosto
Concerto all’alba a Castelsardo con Krystof Kobylinsky – 20 agosto

3) Participate in a patronal festival.

In Sardinia, as throughout Italy, the festivals dedicated to the patron saint are deeply felt by the population. You can experience a day with the locals and taste typical Sardinian dishes, dance and admire the spectacular Sardinian folklore.

Discover festivals dedicated to the patron saint in North Sardinia

The Feast of St. Sabina, patron saint of Pattada - Aug. 26 to Sept. 2

Festival Sant Miquel, patron saint of Alghero - September 30

4) Attending theater in the street

In North Sardinia you may also happen to see a play on the beach, while you are sunbathing or having an aperitif in front of the sea.

Theater events in Sardinia

Mamatita Festival, community theater and new circus

Aria Performing Art Festival, performing arts festival

5) Dancing traditional dances with locals.

Don't miss the traditional events where you will be fascinated by the many folkloric displays of groups from all over Sardinia

Traditional festivals in Sardinia

Feast of Saint Sabina, patron saint of Pattada

Feast of the Blessed Virgin of Remedy, religious and traditional event in Ozieri

6) Walking in nature

The nature of Sardinia is unmatched anywhere in the world. Take advantage of Salude & Trigu events to explore little-known territories of northern Sardinia

Events in the midst of nature in Sardinia

Organica, a museum of environmental art in the picturesque Limbara Park

Naturally on the Riviera, many appointments in the Porto Conte Park

Musica sulle Bocche, international jazz in dreamlike settings

Islands That Speak, the meeting of island and international music in special locations

7) See a concert at sunset

Enjoy the famous and striking Sardinian sunsets and under a sky of the most intense colors you can listen to great live music

Discover sunset concerts in North Sardinia

Musica sulle Bocche, salutiamo il sole con la musica jazz internazionale
Concerto al tramonto di Gianluca Pischedda – 28 agosto – La Maddalena (Punta Tegge)
Concerto al tramonto di Simone Soro – 29 agosto – La Maddalena
Concerto al tramonto di Marcello Peghin – 30 agosto – La Maddalena (Punta Tegge)

Isole che Parlano, tanti concerti al tramonto in location particolari

8) Photographing a typical mural.

The towns of Sardinia are rich in artistic works that tell stories and events related to the island. Murals enrich and color the streets of many villages that are protagonists of Salude & Trigu events.

Where to see murals during events in North Sardinia

Maria Carta Award in Siligo

Island on the Mouths in Chiaramonti

9) Singing the chorus of a traditional song.

Anyone who has been lucky enough to hear a traditional Sardinian singing concert has surely felt all the disruptive power and energy that Sardinia exudes. Do not miss the opportunity to experience these magical emotions.

Islands That Speak - Tenors and traditional music at Bear Rock - Sept. 9

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