August in Sardinia is full of events that thrill so many visitors from all over the world.

Following the stages of Salude & Trigu events, we take you around northern Sardinia, to the most unexpected and unexplored places, discovering an extraordinary island.


Valledoria rises in a unique and varied territory that combines landscapes of sea, river and hills. A beautiful center on the Gulf of Asinara, it is an important destination for nature, seaside and active tourism.

August events in Valledoria:

Aug. 4-6

Valledoria Rock'n Beer, 3 days of concerts in front of a unique landscape


Trinità d'Agultu is a small town in the northwest of Sardinia, located 350 meters above sea level, overlooking the magnificent coastline.
We recommend a stop in valledoria to discover the lush nature, good cuisine including seafood, ancient traditions and, of course, the fabulous sea.

August events in Trinity of Agultu and Vignola:

August 9

Festival internazionale del Folklore a Manu Tenta
Il Festival che vi farà conoscere l’affascinante cultura popolare della Sardegna e di tutto il mondo.


Ossi is a town a few kilometers from Sassari. Your eyes will admire olive groves and vineyards and a rich and fertile land thanks to small rivers and fresh springs. Ancient traditions and millennial culture make the territory of Ossi fascinating.

August events in Ossi:

August 12

Festival Internazionale del Folklore a Manu Tenta
Il Festival che vi farà conoscere l’affascinante cultura popolare della Sardegna e di tutto il mondo.


Usini is at the center of a wonderful territory that will leave you ecstatic with its rich resources. It is no coincidence that Usini is a Wine City: famous is the Ajò a Ippuntare event in late autumn, where the delicious local product is celebrated. The town of Usini is a lovely village of medieval origin, to be discovered for its traditions, folklore and excellent food and wine made of homemade pasta, sweets, oil and wine.

August events in Usini:

International Folklore Festival in Manu Tenta, the festival that will introduce you to the fascinating folk culture of Sardinia and around the world.


Uri is a small town in northern Sardinia, rising between Sassari and Alghero. You will see valleys and hills, where a great excellence of the area is cultivated: the artichoke. Visit Uri to enjoy its food and wine tradition, among the richest in Sardinia.

August events in Uri:

August 5

Sagra del Carciofo Estiva
Il carciofo è protagonista di questa bella sagra che vi porterà alla scoperta dei migliori prodotti tipici della Sardegna.


Between the sea and the mountains, positioned on a vast plateau jutting out to the east, Villanova Monteleone is a center of about 2,300 inhabitants, known for its scenic, naturalistic and archaeological value and for its network of paths and hypovias.
Villanova Monteleone still keeps alive traditional and handicraft activities, especially textiles with carpets, blankets, tapestries and curtains made exclusively of natural fibers and on hand-guided looms that are highly valued even outside Sardinia.

August events in Villanova Monteleone:

Aug. 6-10

Chenamos in Carrela is a festival of Sardinian traditions and celebrates the ancient custom of good neighborliness. It will be an opportunity to taste the best dishes of the typical cuisine of Northern Sardinia during the big dinner in the square and discover an unexplored part of the island.


Chiaramonti is a small town in northern Sardinia that stands at the foot of the remains of an ancient castle: the Doria Castle, an ancient medieval fortress that served to defend the territory of Anglona. In Chiaramonti you can visit the mysterious Domus de Janas, among the most important and fascinating evidence of prehistoric Sardinia.

August events in Chiaramonti:

Festival Internazionale del Folklore a Manu Tenta, il festival che vi farà conoscere l’affascinante cultura popolare della Sardegna e di tutto il mondo.


Have you ever heard of the "pattadese" knife? Pattada, a small, traditional town in northern Sardinia, is world famous for its handcrafted knives. We recommend going to see the Museum of the Knife and you will discover a fascinating artistic side of Sardinia. Pattada is also an important center for cheeses, which you can taste and take home to long remember the taste of Sardinia's best products.

August events in Pattada:

Feast of St. Sabina, a very important traditional event in which the patron saint of the town is honored amidst music, folk dancing and typical cuisine.


Nule is one of the most famous villages in Sardinia, thanks to the craft tradition of textile art. In fact, Sardinian carpets from Nule are prized all over the world and are woven on ancient vertical looms, whose weaving techniques have been handed down from generation to generation.
From the village of Nule you can appreciate a beautiful view of the entire Goceano region.

Aug. 7-10

Ballos de Austu, una grande festa in cui potrete ammirare gli abiti tradizionali, la musica dei tenore, i balli folkloristici sardi e di tutto il mondo.

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