December 2022 events in North Sardinia before Christmas

December 2022 is a month full of events in North Sardinia, of appointments that anticipate Christmas with a roundup of concerts, kermesses and taste appointments.

Santa Teresa di Gallura will be the location of a prestigious Prize; Usini the not-to-be-missed stop to taste wines and typical products of North Sardinia (and beyond); Sassari the city to reach to attend a spectacular concert, in the Basilica of Santa Maria di Betlem.

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Follow Salude&Trigu's itinerary - Discover the best December 2022 events in North Sardeegna!

1st STAGE: Alghero

2nd STAGE: Santa Teresa di Gallura

STAGE 3: Usini

4th STAGE: Berchidda

Stage 5: Sassari

In Alghero, the spectacle of Catalan magic.

Alghero, known as "little Barcelona" for its Catalan history, is located on the northwest coast of Sardinia along the famous Riviera del Corallo.

Not to be missed is the Nuraghe Palmavera, an undisputed symbol of the city that testifies to the skill of the mysterious Nuragic civilization. It is formed of limestone and sandstone blocks, consisting of a central body with two towers and accompanied by an ante-mural and the huts of a village: today there are fewer than 50, but originally it is estimated there were between 150 and 200.

Alghero's historic center is teeming with coastal towers and sights: from the Guillot Palace to the Church of San Francesco and from the Cathedral of Santa Maria to the quaint Church of San Michele.

Stroll along the ramparts, watch the sunset over Capo Caccia and the following day visit. the Coral Museum; the Escala del Cabirol; Neptune's Cave and explore the Porto Conte Natural Park. Among the most beautiful beaches, suffice it to mention Lido di San Giovanni; Maria Pina beach; Lazzaretto and Bombarde.


In Santa Teresa di Gallura: a window to the Mediterranean Sea

The beauty of Santa Teresa di Gallura, an ancient village overlooking the Maddalena Archipelago and Corsica, is known to the whole world.

The sea, with its enchanting beaches is its protagonist as well as the many monuments and historical buildings that can be admired in the area, including the Longosardo Tower and the Ferrero Battery.

On a trip to Santa Teresa we recommend visiting Rena Bianca beach, an expanse of fine sand with dazzling colors; La Marmorata; and the wonderful Cala Sambuco and Santa Reparata.

Important archaeological sites, namely Lu Brandali and Sa Testa, from the Nuragic period, insist in the Santa Teresa di Gallura area. Among the surrounding attractions stands out. Capo Testa, majestic promotorio that looks out to the Bocche di Bonifacio where the Valle della Luna is located, a natural location rich in coves and creeks.


The colors of Usini among tastings, traditions and folklore

The Municipality of Usini lies between Logudoro and Nurra, surrounded by olive groves and lush vineyards. Usini is a Wine City: it boasts prized productions of Cagnulari, Cannonau and the unmistakable Vermentino Usinese, with a strong and generous taste, which has won international awards.

Also delicious are the bread baked in the wood-fired oven and the sweets: "sos germinos," "sos biscottos tostos" and "sas trabeas." Among the recommended stops in Usini, not to be missed is the Church of San Giorgio di Oleastreto, typically rural, a destination for pilgrims and tourists who wish to visit it for its ancient beauty, given by the simplicity of the Romanesque style.

Also worth visiting is the Church of Maria Bambina, built in 1824. Its surprisingly bright interior holds statues of the Dead Christ and the Virgin Mary, paintings of Turritan martyrs and the Madonna and Child, and a polychrome wooden altar.

Among the archaeological sites, relevant is the Necropolis of S´Elighe Entosu, where to find one of the longest corridors of domus del janas present in Sardinia.


In Berchidda, the town of nativity scenes and the magic of Christmas

Berchidda, city of wine, jazz, Notte de Chelu and many other events. It lies in the valley of Mount Limbara, embraced by mountains and countryside planted with vines surrounded by cork oak forests.

Definitely the ideal destination for food and wine itineraries, Berchidda boasts a cuisine based on genuine local products such as cheeses, cured meats and the famous berchiddese soup. The latter, which is delicious, is based on roasted flatbreads, dipped in sheep broth flavored with celery and onion, and seasoned with tomato sauce enriched with chunks of meat, plenty of grated pecorino cheese, fresh cheese and chopped parsley.

What to visit in Berchidda? The castle of Monteacuto, which dominates the town from above and belonged to the judges of Torres and Arborea. The area is also rich in prehistoric evidence, including tafoni and inhabited caves, domus de Janas necropolis, dolmens, nuraghi and tombs of giants.

A visit to the Berchidda Wine Museum is a must-do to appreciate the culture and tradition of wine, particularly Vermentino. Every year the Wine Museum is the venue for events that include tastings and more. Musical events dedicated to jazz music are often held right at the museum.


In Sassari, the historical heart of northern Sardinia rich in monuments

The city of Sassari is the beating heart of Northwest Sardinia: business activities are concentrated here, but also millennia of history, art and culture. Sassari teems with monuments and is lively in every season, partly because along with Cagliari it is a university town.

Some of the most important events of the entire island are organized there, especially concerts, classical and non-classical music in very impressive locations. What is the best itinerary for getting to know the beauty of Sassari? Follow the stages suggested by Salude&Trigu.

The centrally located and scenic Piazza Italia is known as the city's "drawing room." It overlooks elegant late 19th-century buildings and is home to several monuments, including the statue of Victor Emmanuel II.

From Piazza d'Italia begins the itinerary to discover the royal city, rich in history and art, which gave birth to prominent figures of the Italian Republic. From here we walk along Via Roma, where we find. the G.A. Museum Sanna. You admire the Portici Bargone Crispo and continue to Viale Umberto, a historic passageway to access "Sassari vecchia."


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