Ittiri: the Municipality of Northern Sardinia Home of Folk


Ittiri, the municipality in northern Sardinia that is the home of Folk

The country has an important textile tradition: craftsmen produce beautiful clothes and carpets, the result of a great passion for art and craftsmanship

The numerous pre-Nuragic and Nuragic remains make the territory of Ittiri an open-air archaeological park.

Ittiri is part of the Grazia Deledda Park, which brings together all the municipalities featured in the novels of the Sardinian writer, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature

We recommend 4 places to visit:

The Church of San Pietro in Vincoli
It is the town's first parish and stands near one of the oldest neighborhoods, S'Ulumu. The first news about the church dates back to 1553, the year of the pastoral visit of the Archbishop of Sassari Salvator Alepus to the villa of "Itari de Canedo."

The Necropolis of Musellos
The Domus de Janas, the "Houses of the Fairies," bear witness to the ancient and fascinating history of Sardinia: they are prehistoric tombs carved into the rock.
The domus of Ittiri are located on the side of a limestone hillock, and were frequented even in the early Christian period, as evidenced by the carving of a cross on a lintel

S'Abbadorzu Fountain
In a charming little square shaded by a holm oak tree, in the historic center of Ittiri, is this beautiful fountain. Its peculiarity is being composed of a variety of materials: red trachyte, limestone and white marble

The Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
The church, rebuilt in 1769 thanks to donations, is located near the municipal cemetery. On each wall of the nave face 3 chapels equipped with altars, and in the tympanum is the coat of arms of the Serra family of Ittiri

Nostra Signora de Su Carminu is the patron saint of masons, who are devoted to this beautiful shrine.

The ruins of the Abbey of Our Lady of Paulis. >It was built through a donation by the King of Torres Comita II to monks of the Benedictine Cistercian order, and inhabited by monks until the late Middle Ages (c. 1400). Several fascinating legends hover around the building.

The Municipality of Ittiri hosts one of the most important Folk festivals in Northern Sardinia every year, with groups of dancers and singers from all over the world participating.

Ittiri Folk in Ittiri, the Festival of Colors.

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