The wonders of Sedini: domus de janas and legendary fairies


Sedini, the fairyland dotted with domus de janas

The ancient village of Sedini is nestled among the beautiful hills of the Anglona region, about 10 km from the sea.

The two hills 'La Maglina' and 'Lu Padru' are rich in caves where its first inhabitants probably settled.

The town was originally divided into three chiefs: Capo Corso, Capo Sardo, Capo Corte di Santa Vittoria.

The historic center features fine stairways and underpasses and many houses built into the rock. We recommend a walk through the unique center.

One of the symbols of Sedini is the Domus de Janas "La Rocca."

The translation of Domus de Janas is "fairy houses": these are prehistoric tombs dug into the rock, typical of pre-Nuragic Sardinia

Those of Sedini are truly unique and among the most important in Sardinia.

It is called the "Cathedral of the Domus de Janas," the huge limestone rock that stands in Sedini's main street, dating back to the fourth or third millennium B.C.

Over the centuries it has undergone many transformations: it has been a prison, an animal shelter, a shop, a party headquarters and even a private home.

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