Mount Limbara

Mount Limbara

Mount Limbara: a high-altitude spectacle of northern Sardinia

Mount Limbara is a granite massif that belongs to four municipalities in northern Sardinia: Tempio Pausania, Calangianus, Berchidda, and Oschiri.

Where does the name of the mountain in northern Sardinia come from?

The name comes from the ancient Romans, who had named it Limes Balares. The reason is that Mount Limbara marked the boundary between Gallura, inhabited by Corsicans, and Monteacuto and Logudoro, inhabited by the 'Romanized' Balares people.

What to do on Mount Limbara?

There are several hiking trails, some for mountain biking, and it is also a paradise for all climbing enthusiasts.

Here are the routes to follow:

  • Tafoni Trail: 9 km leads to the discovery of the beautiful granite rocks forged by wind, snow and rain, between forests and artificial lakes, populated by waterfowl and fish;
  • To get to the enclosure where mouflon and deer live, we suggest theanimal and plant route
  • Southside itinerary that focuses on the southern part
  • Itinerary the summit, 12 km, leads from the Pavari garden to Punta Balistreri, the highest peak (1362 metres). It takes its name from a Tempiese fugitive, never found, who found refuge there in the 17th century. You will also find the remains of the NATO communications base.
  • Itinerary The water route, 30 km leading to the rich oligomineral springs.

Overall, there are about 90 km to go for ecotourism enthusiasts in Sardinia where they can enjoy trekking, biking and climbing, bird-watching activities and nature photography.

Moreover, in Mount Limbara the views are breathtaking: from the valleys around Lake Coghinas to the northwest coast.

These places are beautiful all year round, but we also recommend going in winter: with snow, which is not an uncommon phenomenon on the mountain, everything takes on an even more spectacular charm.

Photo by HrodebertRobertus on Visualhunt / CC BY-ND

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