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Tourist resort by the sea

Golfo Aranci: a beautiful tourist resort overlooking the sea

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Golfo Aranci is a renowned seaside resort located in northeastern Sardinia, just a few kilometers from Olbia, and is rich in natural treasures and valuable biodiversity.

Originally a fishing village, the name Golfo Aranci seems to derive from "Gulfu di li Ranci," which would mean precisely "Gulf of Crabs," but this is only one theory on the origin of the place name.

One of the most credited, for example, wants the name to come from Sos Aranzos, a locality that still exists in the area.

In recent years, Golfo Aranci has become a popular travel destination, where numerous tourists spend their vacations each summer.

It offers more than 20 wonderful beaches, some wilder, others with all the amenities. It is enough to mention Cala Moresca and Cala Sabina, among the most beautiful but not the only ones that are a boast of the place.

In keeping with the tradition of an old fishing village, the flavors of the sea have remained the pride of Golfaran cuisine. During a vacation in the surrounding area, you can try the local fish soup or shellfish, always fresh and from the nearby coast.

Il borgo di case e colorate si estende su una lingua di terra, che termina con il promontorio di Capo Figari, dove Guglielmo Marconi perfezionò i suoi esperimenti sulle onde radio.

There is a beautiful nature oasis here, including the islet of Figarolo, a habitat for mouflon and rare bird species and a true paradise for trekkers and divers.

Golfo Aranci is home to the International Dolphin Research Centre, which is always present in its crystal-clear waters and very easy to spot and admire.


Photo by Rolf Dietrich Brecher on VisualHunt / CC BY

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