The Church of St Francis

Altar of the Church of San Francesco in Alghero

Church of St. Francis: a grand monumental complex in Alghero

church of alghero

La Chiesa di San Francesco ad Alghero è uno dei massimi esempi di architettura gotico-catalana in Sardegna e sorge proprio nel centro storico della città, nella bella via Carlo Alberto.

The monumental complex consists of the church, bell tower and convent. Built around the 12th century, it has always represented a spiritual reference point for the city of Alghero.

Before the present church, there was a small church surrounded by cultivated fields, i.e., the friars' vegetable gardens.

  • The church: among the various treasures you can admire inside the church we would like to point out a few. A wooden statue from the 17th century depicting the scourged Christ on the column, called the "rosegat" (an Algherese expression meaning "gnawed"); the high altar in polychrome marble, made in the Rococo style; the Baroque altars in gilded and polychromed wood; and the capitals with decorations representing the plants that the friars grew in the gardens around the church, such as artichoke or vine.
  • The cloister: dates back to the 15th century and consists of two floors. The cloister is an attractive location for cultural, literary and artistic events. In fact, it is in a perfect state of preservation.
  • The bell tower: it is a beautiful architectural example with few equals. The belfry at the top consists of a spire adorned with cataracts. Architectures of this type are widespread in Catalonia. We recommend that you climb the 64 steps leading to the top to enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the city of Alghero and its wonderful sea.

Once you have finished visiting this beautiful monument, we recommend that you continue on to the center of Alghero and fully experience the charm of this unique town in Sardinia, rich in history, traditions and culture permeated by a strong Catalan spirit, which we can also find in the dialect spoken by the inhabitants.

You will not be left unsatisfied, amid wonders to behold, an evocative territory and enviable food and wine.

Learn more about the history, tours and hours on the official page of the Church of St. Francis in Alghero

Photo by Reinhold Bierbaumer from Pixabay

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