The city of Sassari: capital of northern Sardinia

monuments sassari

Sassari is one of the most important cities in Sardinia: beautiful and regal, you will be able to admire its important monuments, the great culture around the city and among the people, and the excellent local cuisine.

Sardinia's first university was born here and great politicians and presidents of the Italian republic have lived and studied here.

A culturally vibrant, music-loving city full of events all year round.

Not only culture:the surrounding area offers amazing landscapes worth visiting.

Sea, lake, lots of archaeological sites that will reveal the very ancient history of the area. Also a unique mining village: the Argentiera, one of the most striking sites of industrial archaeology in Europe.

Sassari will surprise you in many ways. We mention some aspects below.

The kitchen

It is worth saying a few words about the delicious Sassarese cuisine.

Snails are one of the traditional highlights, especially the "ciogga minuta," which is tasty and fun to eat!

We also recommend that you try Favàta (broad bean soup) and Zimìno (a recipe made with lamb intestines) and you can say you know Sassari's DOC cuisine. But there are many other dishes to be sampled throughout the city's little restaurants and trattorias.

There are also a number of events to raise awareness of local food and wine, organized in towns and villages around the area.

5 things to do in and around the city

  • The beautiful Cathedral of St. Nicholas, the spiritual soul of the people of Sassari
  • Sanna National Museum, a cultural reference for North Sardinia thanks to its rich archaeological, ethnographic and pictorial heritage
  • A walk downtown to admire its historic buildings
  • Drinking an aperitif in the picturesque Piazza d'Italia
  • Relaxing at the Monserrato Park, inside which is kept a wonderful monumental garden

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