Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel and Sardinia: an oasis of inspiration

singer peter gabriel
Peter Gabriel and Sardinia

Peter Gabriel is not just a singer, he is an international music star who chose Sardinia as his refuge and place of inspiration.

A curious artist who wanders around Gallura wineries tasting local wines and exploring typical flavors, such as those of pecorino cheese and pane carasau.

The whole of Sardinia reciprocates his love and enthusiasm for this land, and thanks him for making the very ancient Sardinian art of Tenor Singing, a typical genre of Sardinian music, known all over the world, of which he produced an album that helped to include Tenor Singing among UNESCO's Oral and Intangible World Heritage Sites.

Be captivated by the scents and flavors of Sardinia like Peter Gabriel by visiting Arzachena and its surroundings.

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