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Fabrizio De André: the deep connection with his Sardinia

de andré
The singer-songwriter Fabrizio De André in Sardinia

Fabrizio de André, one of Italy's greatest songwriters, had a deep and privileged relationship with Sardinia, one of great love and affection.

De André bought land in the countryside around Tempio Pausania in the 1970s, when it was still difficult to find travelers or tourists in those areas.

In that house he wrote among his great masterpieces, and despite the ugly chapter of the 1979 kidnapping, which involved him and shook him to the core, the singer-songwriter and his family always retained an unbreakable bond with Sardinia, which became his adopted homeland.

During his Gallurese life De André learned the local dialect very well, got to know many local people in a continuous exchange of experiences and knowledge that enriched his human and cultural journey.

And the great singer also left an important legacy in Gallura, making his people love him deeply. If you want to know the places that bewitched De André, visit Tempio Pausania and its lush countryside.

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