Edina Altara

Edina Altara: Sardinian artist, painter and ceramicist

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Artwork by Edina Altara

Edina Altara was a Sardinian painter, illustrator and decorator who was highly regarded throughout Italy.

She was born in Sassari on July 9, 1898, the daughter of a middle-class family and third of four sisters. Her father was an ophthalmologist originally from the Nuoro area, specifically the village of Bitti, while her mother came from a wealthy family in Pattada.

She was only a child when she began to devote herself to the art of drawing, so, at a very young age and with the support of the Sassari painter Giuseppe Biasi, she began her career as a self-taught artist.

Her skill did not take long to be noticed, so much so that Edina, when she was only 18 years old, had her first collage purchased (the name of the work is "In the Land of the Intrepid Sardinians") by King Victor Emuel II, who was fascinated by the maiden's work at the Società degli Amici dell'Arte exhibition held in Turin in 1917.

He married an artist of his caliber, Vittorio Accornero de Testa, an illustrator also known by his stage name of Victor Max Ninon.

She began working as a deco illustrator together with him, so much so that the works executed by four hands were signed "Edina and Ninon." From there on it was a success for Edina: she produced numerous postcards for the famous Milan publishing houses Degami, Cecami and N.M.M.

But Edina was very dedicated not only to painting and illustration. She also loved ceramics and fashion and showed great mastery in these areas as well. Today, Edina Altara is counted among the greatest Sardinian artists of the early 20th century.

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