Antonio Marras

Antonio Marras, the great Sardinian designer and his Alghero

antonio marras fashion show
Clothing collections of Antonio Marras, the designer from Alghero

Antonio Marras is a great international fashion designer whohas never dissolved his strong ties with Sardinia and his Alghero, his hometown and residence where he lives with his family, between flights to Milan and Paris.

A genius raised among textiles, a man who loves art and knows how to create it as only a visionary can, but also an artist with a great ability to listen, reflect and expand his knowledge to unknown horizons.

Her clothes are reminiscent of Sardinian costumes revamped with a contemporary flair, the line of handmade clothes are made by skilled Sardinian seamstresses and artisans, in the large home-workshop in Alghero.

His love for the island is unique and with one phrase, "the desire to go while remaining", sums up what is the concept of being born on an island, belonging to a land that you know is limited but then instead leads you to travel, discover and explore other realities.

"Being born on an island means that at some point in your existence you have something that ends, that is, the land ends and the sea begins. Maybe apparently at first it seems like a limitation, an obstacle, but instead then the sea becomes the road on which you enter and you begin to navigate, to explore, to arrive somewhere else." If you want to know the spirit of Marras and his art, go to his tracks in beautiful Alghero.

Discover the beauty of Alghero

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