Adelasia Di Torres

Adelasia of Torres: the historic female judge and ruler.

burgos sardinia
The castle of Burgos in Sardinia

Adelasia of Torres was a giudicessa as well as an important historical figure of the 13th century, a period when Sardinia was divided into giudicati, autonomous state entities in which the king judge ruled on the basis of a pact with the people, and could be dethroned and legitimately killed by the very people.

In this intricate phase lives and reigns Adelasia of Torres, giudicessa-queen of Torres depicted as a tragic heroine, at the mercy of events and men, whose adventurous life attracted the attention of chroniclers, historians, poets and storytellers.

Her beauty, troubled loves, and loneliness as a woman and queen will thrill curious travelers who want to find traces of her in northern Sardinia, for example, in Ardara, the village that was her birthplace.

She was Juguissa and giudicessa consort of Gallura during the Middle Ages, as well as queen consort of Sardinia at the behest of Frederick II of Swabia, as wife of his legitimized natural son Enzo (1238-1246).

Following the violent death of her brother Barisone III, Adelasia was recognized by the "Corona de Logu" as giudicessa of Torres in 1236.

After her mother-in-law Elena of Gallura and her aunt Benedetta of Massa she was the third reigning ruler in Sardinia.

In 1238, with the untimely death of Ubaldo Visconti, she nominally succeeded him by also becoming giudicessa of Gallura. Her husband, however, had designated as heir her cousin Giovanni Visconti, who in fact succeeded him.

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